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  • n.
    (pl. -nia ) 【解剖学】羊膜。
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  1. The subchronic toxicity study on the biological amnion
  2. The culture of chicken corneal limbal epithelial cells on amnion basement membrane
  3. Methods 15 cases ( 17 eyes ) were treated be new amnion joining with suberior and inferior limbus stem cells transplantation
    方法采用新鲜羊膜移植联合上下角膜缘干细胞移植治疗严重眼烧伤患者15例( 17眼) 。
  4. Objective to observe the effect of the transplantation of amnion joining with stem cells of limbus of cornea to treat severe eye burn
  5. Conclusion : human amnion , a new transplantation material for myringoplasty , is worthy to be popularized for it is easy to obtain and operate and regains great success

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