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  • 羊膜
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  1. I was young enough . we didn ' t ask for an amnio
  2. Carol : so , i got the results of the amnio today
  3. The result of sequencing showed that vp1 included 2l99 bases , which encoded , 732 amnio acids
  4. One of the more promising aspects of the research is that some of the dna of the amnio stem cells contained y chromosomes , which means the cells came from the babies rather than the pregnant moms
  5. Amnio acids could promote cac2o4 to crystallize on the ca2 + - rich ( 101 ) axis of com when negative charges were taken on their surfaces . trp , tyr and asp could promote orientation growth of ( 101 ) face of com more and more easily
    而当其表面带负电荷时,则能促进com的( i0l )面生长,且caczo ;沿该面取向生长的程度随色氨酸一酪氨酸~天冬氨酸而增强。

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