aluminum pole meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "aluminum pole" in a sentence
  • 铝撑竿
  • 铝竿


  1. Zinc - platecl steel or aluminum pole and powder coating to colour of your choice , with the whole kit of stainless steel fasteners
  2. Adopted high - tech weaved materialextra thin fiber , its capability of absorbing and dust removing exceeds other ordinary products . the t shape rolling aluminum pole of rolling mop adopts special material and has the contractive function
  3. Foggy silver colored aluminum pole , twin steel anti wind arms , sponge or aluminium handle , hidden lattice nylon or plain color air - jet fabrics cloth , same - color - as - cloth backpack packing , both for rainy and sunny use
  4. Nowadays , our company applied many international advanced technology in production equipments , from aluminum pole casting , mould design , profile extrusion , even spraying , anode oxidation , mono - bino alkali dyeing , electrophoresis coating , color powder spraying , fake wooden texture to exact test , which automation level is high

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