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  • 化石燃料的代替品
  • alternative:    adj. 1. 随便一个的,二中择一 ...
  • fossil:    adj. 1.从地下发掘出来的;化石 ...
  • fuel:    n. 1.燃料,柴炭。 ★指燃料种类 ...
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  1. Nigeria , the world largest producer of cassava , is keen to use its major crop as an alternative to fossil fuel
  2. If governments decide to take action against global warming , geothermal energy will become a very attractive alternative to fossil fuels
  3. Ethanol is a biofuel extracted from corn and other crops , and has grown in use as an alternative to fossil fuels , which are a major source of greenhouse gases
  4. Fusion is decades away from fruition , and even its proponents don ' t expect it to contribute to the world ' s need for alternatives to fossil fuel within the next 30 years
  5. Ferrell is the first in a series of americans who bmw plans to announce in the coming months that will help the company in its mission to build widespread support of hydrogen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels

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