all right already meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "all right already" in a sentence
  • 好啦好啦,别念叨啦
  • all:    adj. 1.所有的,全部的,整个的 ...
  • right:    adj. 1.右,右方的,右侧的,右 ...
  • already:    adv. 1.〔表示现在或过去某时发 ...
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  1. What a hopeless girl you are ! all right already
  2. Probably just so very silly 睁 the eye lies on the bed , and also all right already
  3. All right already
  4. " lovely , can ' t of . remember ? you said of , only we together like . all right already . is not ?
    “乖,不会的。记得吗?你说过的,只要我们在一起就好了。就足够了。不是吗? ”
  5. " rose would always fade of , chocolate too would always melt of , is not ? know ? as long as you are good to me , everything is all all right already !
    “玫瑰总是会凋谢的,巧克力也总是会融化的,不是吗?知道吗?只要你对我好,一切都足够了! ”

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