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  • aleurone:    n. 【化学】糊粉。 adj. -r ...
  • grain:    n. 1.谷物,粮食〔英国叫 cor ...
  • aleurone cell:    糊粉细胞
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  1. The aleurone grains of ungerminated seeds contain hydrolases .
  2. The enzymes are synthesized from the amino acids supplied by breakdown of aleurone grains
  3. Aleurone grain ( aleurone body ) a modified vacuole found in the embryo and endosperm of seeds and containing mostly reserve proteins , but also phytic acid and various enzymes associated with mobilization ( digestion ) of these reserves
    糊粉粒(糊粉体) :在种子胚或胚乳中发现的经过修饰的液泡,里面包含许多储藏蛋白,植酸和各种各样的酶。

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