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  • 警报框
  • alert:    adj. 1.警惕的,警觉的。 2. ...
  • box:    n. 【植物;植物学】黄杨;黄杨木, ...
  • boxes:    保险箱; 宝箱; 箱(复数); 小框 ...
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  1. The second needs a new function , showdocuids , that displays an alert box with the uids of the selected documents
    第二个按钮需要新的函数showdocuids ,这个函数显示了包含所选文档uid的警报框。
  2. The server s response will be displayed using json notation in an alert box , unless it is a simple value , in which case it will be displayed inline alongside the method
  3. When viewed in microsoft internet explorer or another browser that supports vbscript , an alert box displaying " hello " appears upon loading the document
    如果使用microsoft internet explorer或者其他支持vbscript的浏览器查看,在加载文档的时候,就会出现一个显示“ hello ”的警告框。

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