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  • airline:    〔美国〕直路,近路;空中航线;定期航 ...
  • airport:    飞机场,航空站。
  • at airport:    在机场
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  1. The port of zhangjiagang handled 15 million tons of cargo with its 20 ten - thousand - ton berthes and 10 regular routes to japan , singapore , hongkong , the mediterranean and other countries in europe and america . the overall water freight capabilities have been enhanced significantly with the completion of ten - thousand - ton oil tanker berth in port of liujia , the opening of the route from port of changshou to city of nantong and other expansion projects . additionally , the city is served two airports , shuofang airport in the west and guangfu united airlines airport in the south
    港口建设初具规模,地处长江下游的张家港,已建20w上万吨级泊位,年吞吐能力达1500万吨,已开通到欧美地中海,日本新加坡香港等10多条航线太仓市境内的浏家港,水深岸直,全长11 . 5公里,且临近吴淞口,是建设上海分流港的理想之地,万吨级油轮码头已基本建成。

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