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  • 包机航空公司(塞内加尔)
  • air:    n. 1.空气,大气。 2.天空,空 ...
  • charter:    n. 1.(准许成立自治都市、工会等 ...
  • far east air charters:    远东包机社


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  1. The resort to air charters turned out to be a fiasco .
  2. We were trying to find our way through the unfamiliar world of air charters .
  3. Air charters - global air charter service with almost no size or weight limitations
  4. Air cargo air chartering
  5. Charter service - air charter services can accommodate your special handling and space requirements around the world
    Charter service -包机服务可满足您在全球的特别处理和空间要求。

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