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  1. In the grounds of the society for the physically handicapped in ahmedabad , disabled workers are offered valuable experience of management
  2. A female hippopotamus splashes water to cool herself off at a zoo as temperatures soared to 40 degrees centigrade on april 12 in ahmedabad , india
  3. Spha ahmedabad president , kanubhai shelar : " one of our aim is that in two years , when these 25 people leave , they will be able to set up their own independent cafe shops .
  4. Mr singhania , recognisable by his flamboyant moustache and bald head , is known as a daredevil aviator . in 1988 he made news by flying solo in a microlight for 5 , 420 miles 8 , 722km from london to ahmedabad , in western india , in 22 days . he smashed the previous record by 12 days

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