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  1. Subacute chlorohydrocarbons poisoning in three agglutinant - brushing workers
  2. Haodin mass - produce high - quality and environmental protective veneer , which contains low formaldehyde by using low - formaldehyde agglutinant , and keeps the original agglutinate strength , both having decorating effect and environmental protection
  3. The company specialized production sludge dehydrator , oil water separator , block the dirt machine , the purifier , polymer auto feeder and so on each kind of sewage treatment mechanical device and cloth ( yq - screen mesh ) , polymer agglutinant consumes thematerial
  4. Therefore , this type of filter is characteristic of low pressure los s , high efficiency , light weight , non - agglutinant , low - request to humidity and non - completely throwing away ( just needs change the filter tubes ) , thus it has fairly big market in the future

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