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[ 'ɑ:ftə ] Pronunciation:   "after" in a sentence   "after" meaning
在后;继后;后来。 follow after 跟着。 look before and after 瞻前顾后,前思后想。 soon after 不久。 three days after 三日后。

1.〔表示时间关系〕在…以后(opp. before); 〔美国〕(…点)过(…分)〔 = past〕。
  • after that:    从这以后(用一般现在时); 然后; ...
  • be after:    寻找,寻求; 追赶, 寻找
  • be after a:    想得到a); 追求
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  1. It was built after a european model .
  2. After all, fat government is weak .
  3. After all, jon has the instincts of a gentleman .
  4. His stomach bulged after the dinner .
  5. After the talk , he began to thaw .

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