aft part meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "aft part" in a sentence
  • 船尾部
  • 后部
  • aft:    adj.,adv. 【航海】在船尾, ...
  • part:    n. 1.部分,一部分;局部 (op ...
  • a aft:    在船尾,向船尾
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  1. First , in hatch no . 2 lower hold aft part , please put the outer bags across each other and keep the outside ones straight so that the bags won ' t fall during the voyage
  2. It shows that spiraclelike frame net ' s resistance is twenty to twenty - five percent higher than that of traditional frame net , and the water speed inside tends to be increasing , about more than twenty percent higher than of traditional frame net in the aft part
    其中,鳃孔式架子网:阻力比传统架子网大22 % ~ 25 ,网内流速呈上升趋势,到网身后部高出传统架子网20 %以上,网具稳定,没有摇摆和抖动现象。

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