aft end meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "aft end" in a sentence
  • 船尾端
  • 尾部, 后端
  • aft:    adj.,adv. 【航海】在船尾, ...
  • end:    n. 1.端,尖,末端,终点。 2. ...
  • aft end bulkhead:    后端壁
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  1. In machinery spaces situated at the aft end , such engine seating girders are to be carried as far as practicable and the ends effectively supported by web frames or transverse
    例3 :对尾机型船舶,此种机座纵桁应尽可能地向尾延伸,且其端部应由强肋骨或实肋板支持。

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