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  • 非洲孩子
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  1. Due to wars and backward economy , many african children suffer from malnutrition
  2. Speaking of health , that reminds me of the poor thin african children who are raped with disease and hunger
  3. And as a priest father henry has devoted his life to caring for nearly 1000 orphans and widows throughout his foundation , the african child foundation
  4. About 80 % of all new malaria infections are concentrated in just a fifth of the population , a nature study of african children found
    根据《自然》杂志对非洲儿童的一项研究, 80 %的新感染疟疾病例都集中在全球5 / 1的人口。
  5. You may think the references above to people in debt and to a poor african child may be a bit inconsiderate , but i ' m just trying to emphasise the power of images

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