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  • affluent:    adj. 1.丰富的;富足的。 2. ...
  • city:    n. 1.城市;市〔英国指设有大教堂 ...
  • affluent - needy:    富有的
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  1. The unchanging aspect of the argument that " tokyo is an affluent city , " which is a one - sided view of our large or increasing tax revenues , can be glimpsed behind this concept
    在争论中大家一直持这样的观点: “东京是一个富有的城市” ,这个观念我们一看便知,它其实不过是我们巨大且在增长中的税收的一个侧面。
  2. As workers become scarcer and more expensive in the increasingly affluent cities along china ' s eastern seaboard , the country will face growing economic pressures to move out of assembly work and other labor - intensive manufacturing , which will be taken up by poorer economies in asia and beyond , and into service and information - based industries

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