affinis meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "affinis" in a sentence
  • 近缘的
  • 类似的,相似的
  • 亲近种
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  1. Euonymus chloranthoides yang is an endangered plant species which is endemic to jinyun mountain and dongwenquan of chongqing with the most favorable habitat in the forest of sinocalamus affinis ( rendie ) mclure . we made field investigations on three natural populations available presently in the whole distribution areas of e . chloranthoides
    缙云卫矛( euonymuschloranthoidesyang )是重庆特有种,目前处于濒危状态,主要分布于重庆北碚区缙云山、鸡公山及渝北区的东温泉内,生境多为慈竹林。

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