aesthetic appeal meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "aesthetic appeal" in a sentence
  • 美学的作用
  • aesthetic:     aesthetic(al ...
  • appeal:    vi. 1.呼吁;要求。 2.诉诸于 ...
  • appeal for:    对……的吸引力;向……的呼吁,请求; ...
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  1. Aesthetic appeal of urban architectures
  2. These exotic settings greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of the movie
  3. This is academically very interesting and it has a certain aesthetic appeal , but it s not particularly useful
  4. Much research for new proofs of theorems already correctly established is undertaken simply because the existing proof have no aesthetic appeal
  5. It is specially designed by famous experts , combining eastern and western aesthetic appeal . the hotel is elegant and magnificent - the only four star hotel in wanjiang district

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