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  • n.
    知觉;感觉;感觉力,知觉性 (= esthesia)。
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  1. Depending on theory analyses , in the third part the author introduces the service quality of customer aesthesia into hotel industry in our country
  2. The service quality of customer aesthesia is the important content of service marketing , playing an increasingly important role in the development of primary industry , the secondary industry , especially the tertiary industry
  3. From the customer expectation , the stuff , the service recovery , the mysterious customer and so on , the thesis discusses the management of the service quality of customer aesthesia in the hotel to meet the practice identically
  4. The full thesis can be divided into four parts : the first part mainly recommends the theory and realistic meaning of the service quality of customer aesthesia , domestic and international theory trends , train of thought and research approach of this thesis
  5. The second part summarizes the service quality of customer aesthesia . the part recommends the definition of the service quality of customer aesthesia , the composition , and recommends the framework of disparity , the influent factors and the method of appraising

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