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  1. Office of the special advisor to the president on drugs financial crimes
  2. From april 2005 i have been contracted by the foreign and commonwealth office as an advisor to the president of romania , traian basescu
  3. Previously , he was special advisor to the president , developing adb ' s role in the areas of knowledge management , policy , and strategy
  4. This column by condoleezza rice , who is national security advisor to the president , was published in the wall street journal october 24 and is in the public domain
  5. As a foreign affairs advisor to the president , the first thing to do in his new job was to draft a white paper explaining the government ' s position concerning the crisis in beirut
    (担任总统外交事务顾问,他上任第一件事是起草一份白皮书表明有关贝鲁特危机的政府立场。 )

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