advisor to the government meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "advisor to the government" in a sentence
  • government:    n. 1.政治;政体;政权;管理,支 ...
  • advisor:    财务顾问;融资顾问; 顾问, 劝告者 ...
  • academic advisor:    学期、学季等
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  1. Additionally as technical advisor to the government , we advise on engineering and technology issues for the lpg scheme
  2. We also act as technical advisors to the government on a range of safety issues and advise on the necessary legislation to ensure their implementation
  3. Sir james has been an advisor to the government of china . sir james shared the nobel prize in 1996 with professor william vickrey of columbia university for their fundamental contributions to the economic theory of incentives under asymmetric information

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