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  1. Influences of nitrogen ratio and carbon sources on adventitious shoots regeneration of malus zumi leaves in vitro
  2. Coppice ( copse ) a woodland managed for wood production by cutting trees back to ground level at regular intervals ( usually 10 - 15 years ) and allowing adventitious shoots to grow up from the base
    萌生林(杂树林) :在森林更新作业中,由树木的定期伐桩(通常是10 15年)和根萌蘖而形成的森林。
  3. Adventitious shoots could be rooted and formed regenerated plants on 1 / 2 ms medium supplemented with naa0 . 4mg / l . hairy roots could be induced from the basal surface of the explants 8 days after inoculation of a . ficoidea cv . " ruliginosa " leaf explants with a . rhizogenes atcc 15834
    红龙草叶片外植体被发根农杆菌atcc15834感染8d后,从形态学下端叶脉处陆续分化出乳白色的不定根, 21d后,叶片外植体的生根率高达92 . 5 。

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