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  • 放款业务
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  1. Explore knowledge , advance business
  2. The company specialized in the design and decoration of advanced business space
  3. Apart from its advanced business concept and business culture , kingbd has a well - organized and vigorous sales team
  4. In august 2005 , we launched " explore knowledge , advance business " to clearly express the unique values fuji xerox china provides
    2005年8月,我们把唯有中国富士施乐才能提供的价值以最高级的“宣誓”方式来表达, “知深行远” 。
  5. The focus is on general elementary , intermediate or advanced business english . we develop all four skills ( that is reading , writing , speaking and listening )
    集中于初级,中级或是高级的商务英语。我们培养四种技巧(读、写、说、听) 。

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