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  1. It is an advace and intelligent household secure and defend electric device
  2. Ddsy951 electronic single - phase advace - payment electric energy meter following as meter with a shielded and sealed construction , adops microelectromic technoligy to measure electricity and comes up to standard of gb t17215 - 1998 and gb t18460 - 2001 . it collects handles and stores dataset with advanced monolithic processing system . the meter features in good abti - electromagnetism , low power loss , high precision , abstraction - of - electricity prevention , high overload and long service life
    Dtsy951电子式三相预付费液晶电能表下称电表采用微电子技术计量电能,符合gb t17215 - 1998和gb t18460 - 2001标准的电表,采用全屏蔽全封闭结构,用先进的单片机处理系统进行数据的采集处理和保存,具有良好的抗电磁干扰低自耗节电高精度不需校表防窃表高过载长寿命的特点。

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