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  • 爱得康
  • 上海广告装潢有限公司
  • 腺苷激素
  • 旭电化工工业公司


  1. Based on adk , we design three sonification application prototypes , i . e . sonification of car meter , electrocardiogram of white mouse and satellite remote sensing information
  2. We design adk ( auditory display toolkit ) , an auditory display development platform , to meet the diverse needs of sonification researchers of diverse computer ability , and to overcome some of the limitations of present auditory display tools . much emphases is laid on the structure of adk , and on the design and implement of interface of adk ' s modules
    针对可听化研究人员的层次的多样性、需求的多样性和目前听觉显示工具的局限性,提出了一种通用的适用于多个不同层次的用户的听觉显示开发平台adk ,重点讨论adk的结构、各模块接口的设计与实现。

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