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Pronunciation:   "adjust the finance" in a sentence
  • 调整财政
  • adjust:    vt. 1.调准(望远镜等),对准, ...
  • finance:    n. 1.财政,金融,财政学。 2. ...
  • adjust to:    (使)适应于,把...调节到; 调整 ...
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  1. With the experience and lesson of enforcing an expanding fiscal policy in the united states , this paper deals with adjusting the finance policy of china on the base of chinese practice
  2. So the government must take the optimization countermeasures of expenditure structure : first , adjusting the finance expenditure to the industrial structure ; second , adjusting the expenditure according to different uses of the finance ; third , promoting the management system of the budget and strengthening the management of expenditures

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