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〔美国〕果汁水。 grape ade 葡萄水。
  • -ade:     后缀 〔构成表示下列意义 ...
  • ade aden:    亚丁
  • ade akinbiyi:    阿钦比伊; 埃德阿金比伊
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  1. As ade give of herself to honor us , we now honor her
  2. 2 squalor and poverty lay behind the city ' s glittering fa ? ade
  3. Antibody dependent enhancement , ade
  4. Homework sikit saja . . . tak ade mood buat . . no challenge langsung
    那么少。 。 。没心情做。 。一点挑战性都没有!
  5. The heat insulation quality is much better than the standard glass fa ? ade

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