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  1. The additionality , monitoring and transparency of project - based flexible mechanisms cannot be compromised
  2. Then there is the problem of “ additionality ” : would the emissions in question have been eliminated anyway , or is the reduction additional
    另外,还有一个问题就是“多余性” :排放的问题不管通过什么方式是否已经根除,或者是减少排放是多余的呢?
  3. He then explained cdm in its project cycle , project eligibility , baseline and additionality , its flow - chart approach , and in specific its validation including the approved methodologies , ssc projects categories and the validation process
  4. Finally , in many countries there have been experiments with tax incentives for equity investors into smes , for start - ups or expansion , but experience suggests that such schemes run the danger of forgoing a lot of government revenue for relatively little additionality to enterprise activity

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