additional call meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "additional call" in a sentence
  • 增收保险费
  • additional:    adj. 附加的,追加的,另外的。 ...
  • call:    vt. 1.大声念[说],喊,叫。 ...
  • additional call library:    附加调入程序库; 附加调用程序库
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  1. Requires an additional call to the data source to obtain the information
  2. Requires an additional call to the database to obtain the information
  3. Additional call library
  4. Using the debugger , you can examine the content of variables in your program without inserting additional calls to output the values
  5. The downside is loss of conciseness , as can be seen from the additional call to proceed with the original method invocation visible in

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