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Pronunciation:   "additional bias" in a sentence
  • 附加偏压
  • additional:    adj. 附加的,追加的,另外的。 ...
  • bias:    vt. (biased, biasi ...
  • bias:    n. 1.成见,先入之见,偏执,偏见 ...
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  1. We propose a novel controllable atomic beam - spiller based on the uccc and discuss the splitting mechanism of the guided atomic beam in the beam splitter from two aspects of the magnetic - field distribution and the trace of the guiding centers . the splitting ratio of the beam splitter can be adjusted by adding a homogeneous bias magnetic field along the y - direction , and the relationship between the splitting ratio and the additional bias field is analyzed
    本文提出了一种采用在y方向上加一偏置磁场来实现分束比可控的新颖原子分束器,并从磁场分布和导引中心轨迹两个方面,详细分析和讨论了基于u -型载流导体所构建的原子分束器的分束机制。

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