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  • 附加弯矩
  • additional:    adj. 附加的,追加的,另外的。 ...
  • bend:    n. 1.【徽章】(盾上自右上至左下 ...
  • moment:    n. 1.一转眼功夫,片刻,瞬息,刹 ...
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  1. In this paper , considering the additional bending moments of the axial load about the lateral displacements ( i . e . the second - order effect ) , an iterative computer analysis procedure is proposed to predict the load - deformation relations and ultimate loads of steel - concrete composite columns of arbitrary cross section
    本文考虑长柱在轴向荷载作用下的附加弯矩影响(二阶效应) ,提出了一种适用于任意截面形式钢-砼组合长柱的荷载-变形关系分析和极限承载力分析的数值迭代计算机方法。

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