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  • 适应精化
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  1. 3d automated adaptive refinement of all-hexahedral element meshes
  2. using the local adaptive refinement method, the system can solve the problems such as super-elasticity, cracks and subdivision levels
  3. to generate realistic cloth simulation at a reduced computational cost, in this thesis, the author presents a fast cloth simulation method using local adaptive refinement and merging
  4. in modern aircraft design, there is an urgent requirement for accurate, efficient and easy-to-use numerical analysis tools . for this purpose, this thesis introduces recent progress in the generation and application of cartesian grid with tree data structure and adaptive refinement . coupled with hybrid grid techniques, euler and navier-stokes equations are solved
  5. many test cases are calculated to verify the above study . the cases are either real or standard testing models, including multi-element airfoil, wing-body configuration, cone / cylinder missile model and 3-d high-lift systems, etc . the results of present calculation are in good agreement with experiment data, and show flexibility and accuracy of the approaches . base on the cartesian grids, this thesis has targeted the development and integration of many algorithms and techniques such as adaptive refinement, omni-tree data structure, hybrid grid method, etc . an analysis software and research methods are designed and developed for the steady-unsteady and viscous-inviscid flow complex systems and configuration

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