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  • 自适应优化控制
  • 自适应最佳控制
  • 自适应最优控制
  • adaptive:    adj. 适合的,适应的。
  • optimal:    adj. 最适宜的;最理想的;最好的 ...
  • control:    n. 1.支配,管理,管制,统制,控 ...
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  1. Adaptive optimal control for automatic clutch
  2. Wu , c . j . & wang , l . , 2003 , adaptive optimal control of the incompressible flow around an airfoil with smart surface , proceedings of icfm4 , dalian
    王亮,吴锤结, 2003 ,用智能物面对非定常分离流进行最优自适应控制, 《空气动力学新进展论文集》 ,北京
  3. On the comparison of the engagement quality of different driving modes by means of the test and simulation , it is shown that the adaptive optimal control is effective and feasible

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