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  • 调适光学
  • 调适形光件
  • 自适应光学系统
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  1. To achieve this high resolution , the telescope will have to rely on adaptive optics to undo the distortions introduced by atmospheric turbulence
  2. To snap legible photographs of such planets , gmt will use advanced adaptive optics to make images that are 10 times as sharp as those from hubble
    为了能清楚地对这类行星进行快拍, gmt将会采用较先进的自调光学来获得比哈伯望远镜还清晰10倍的影像。
  3. At last , by use of finite analysis software , the compensation of 61 - element deformable mirror is discussed after we apply the protective network to the adaptive optics system
    最后应用有限元分析软件,讨论加入保护网络后, 61单元变形镜拟合象差的能力变化。
  4. In order to facilitate the domestic application of mems into adaptive optics , fundamental theory and fabrication technology of micromirrors are presented in this dissertation with analysis to characterize their performance
  5. Mems technology used in the adaptive optics will bring an important influence . based on this purpose some novel deformable mirrors were discussed in the theory and fabrication process

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