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  • 自适应光学系统
  • adaptive:    adj. 适合的,适应的。
  • optical:    adj. 眼的;视觉的;视力的;帮助 ...
  • system:    n. 1.体系,系统;分类法;组织; ...
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  1. Closed - loop transferring characteristics of wavefront sensor noise in adaptive optical system
  2. And then experiments of compensation for the aberrant wave front caused by fadw ' s free - vortex flow are studied using our 37 - elements adaptive optical system
  3. Adaptive optical systems ? wavefront measurement systems , sharpness function , unconventional ao , wavefront correctors , stellar imaging and star - wars applications
    22 21适应性光学系统?波前量测系统,解析力方程式,非传统式适应性光学,波前校正技术,天文影像与星战应用。
  4. Micromirrors offer advantages in size , weight , speed and performance over the traditional deformable mirrors and have tremendous potential in reducing the cost and weight of adaptive optical systems

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