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  • 改装工程
  • adapt:    vt. 1.使适应,使适合,使适于。 ...
  • work:    n. 1.工作,操作,劳动,作业;工 ...
  • adapting:    选配; 自适应
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  1. On the performance features of the adapted works from chinese traditional music into piano works
  2. The process of development and music comments of the adapted works chinese traditional music into piano music
  3. Ability to adapt work practices , priorities , or procedures in response to changing conditions or multiple work demands
  4. Often we need to do quick - turnaround work , or to adapt work that originated elsewhere , or to tackle some other kind of project that ' s based on keeping the energy of an existing idea going
  5. The necessary measures should take due account of the preventive principle according to which , among other things , combating risk at the source , adapting work to the individual , especially as regards the design of workplaces , and replacing the dangerous by the non - dangerous or less dangerous , have precedence over personal protective equipment for seafarers

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