actual distance meaning in Chinese

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  • 实际距离
  • 实距
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  1. Do you recommend full speed trails over the actual distance of the race
  2. The actual distances , course layout and order of events will not be disclosed until race day
  3. This is an estimate of the remaining distance , not the actual distance , which is why it ' s called the heuristic
  4. We really don ' t know the actual distance until we find the path , because all kinds of stuff can be in the way ( walls , water , etc . )
    在找到路径之前,我们真的不知道实际的距离,因为途中有各种东西(墙,水,等等) 。
  5. Although the actual distance they can go depends on how much time they used up getting there , in general walking sims aren ' t going to be able to get very far from the train station

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