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  • 实际流量
  • 实际排量
  • 实际清偿
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  1. Actual discharge coefficient
  2. For example , when the design flow of upward of the peace bridge of upward of the east - one main canal is 45m3 / s , the actual flow quantity is 23 . 8m3 / s on the 30th of september in 1989 , the water level of the transition region terminal of the mouth of hao wan flume of the east - one main canal had gained the design level of 4 . 3m , and the level between downstream and shang tian yuan tunnel was generally higher . it says that the actual discharge capacity now is only about 24m3 / s which is half of the design value . this not only make the benefit of the irrigation district abnormal , but also greatly hinder the economic development of the irrigation district , and lead to the canal run frequently at small flow , high water level , lengthen the discharge duration
    如东一干渠上段太平桥以上设计流量45m ~ 3 s , 1989年9月30日实测通水流量23 . 8m ~ 3 s时,东一干渠郝湾渡槽出口渐变段末端水位已达到设计水位4 . 3m ,其下游至上天院隧洞水位也普遍偏高,即东一干渠上段目前仅能通过流量24m ~ 3 s左右,只有设计值的50左右,不仅使灌区效益得不到正常发挥,严重阻碍了灌区范围内的经济发展,而且使渠道经常处于小流量、高水位运行,延长了次通水时间,大大增加了渠道工程的安全管理难度。
  3. The actual project problem is studied in this paper about the actual discharge capacity which is severely inadequate generally in irrigated area , and more researches are conducted about the east - one main canal of he nan lu hun irrigation district whose discharge capacity is only half of design value

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