actual delivery meaning in Chinese

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  • 实际交货
  • 实际流量
  • actual:    adj. 现实的,实际的,真实的,现 ...
  • delivery:    n. 1.引渡,交付;【商业】交货; ...
  • no delivery:    未到货; 未交付
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  1. The deposit contract shall become effective on the date of the actual delivery of the deposit
  2. Most market participants prefer to offset futures positions , rather than to make actual delivery
  3. The seller shall give the purchaser a notice in writting at least 14 days in advance of the anticipated actual delivery date
  4. When a package has reached its destination , the actual delivery date can be found using the date delivered filter option
  5. Final disposition of open positions on the last trading day of a contract month . occurs in markets where there is no actual delivery

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