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  • active:    adj. 1.活动的,有活动力的;【 ...
  • ageing:    n. 1.变陈;成熟;【化学】老化。 ...
  • be active in:    对…很积极; 活跃于; 积极参加; ...
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  1. Tv announcement - active ageing
  2. " participation " is a key concept of " active aging " put forth in the second world assembly on aging
  3. Known as active aging or active age management , the strategy advocates a life course approach to individual and societal ageing
  4. In 2002 , world health organization started promoting the concept of active ageing . it is a lifelong and continuous process which aims to help people remain healthy , independent and active as they age
  5. After all , there are good economic reasons for enacting policies and programmes that promote active ageing in terms of increased participation of older people in economic activities and reduced costs in care

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