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  • 资产帐户
  • active:    adj. 1.活动的,有活动力的;【 ...
  • account:    n. 1.计算;账;账目;账户;计算 ...
  • accounts:    会计部; 会计账簿,会计报表; 记帐 ...


  1. The customer must have an active account
  2. Studies on the automatic formation system of the active accounting voucher
  3. Press active accounting standard , organization expenses is beginning to manage direct that month plan into that month increase and decrease , need not adjust income tax
  4. It is discovered that the active accounting system will be likely to distort the accounting data in the process of the eva calculation . in this case , the accounting items should be adjusted properly , aiming at the circumstances , such as the enterprises ’ property and scale . . . etc , to increase the accuracy of eva calculation
  5. This article mainly deals with the current situation of the domestic financial software in processing the active accounting voucher , illustrating the advantages of the automatic formation system of the active accounting voucher , based on which the author gives a preliminary studies about the design and realization of the system

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