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  • 动作道具
  • action:    n. 1.动作,活动;行为,行动。 ...
  • property:    n. 1.财产;资产;所有物;所有地 ...
  • by properties:    按特性; 依内容
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  1. Specifies the action property of a text box or image
  2. To complete the action properties shown in figure 9
  3. Dialog box to set the action property of a text box or image
  4. Remember that we used bankresponse . jsp in the url for the action property in our form earlier
    记住我们在url中使用bankresponse . jsp作为前面的表单中的action属性。
  5. To avoid the prompt to overwrite files in the future , set the overwrite files action property to
    若要避免将来提示您改写文件,请将“改写文件操作”属性设置为“是” 。

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