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  1. The effect of 5406 actinomyces on the growth of wheat seedling were studied
  2. The results showed that they are stemphylium sp , fusella sacc , alternaria sp , fu5ari urn sp , gibberella sp , sphacelia sp , actinomyces , dematium pers
  3. The results showed that the main microbes in the koji used in naturally fermented liuyang brown bean were mainly molds and bacteria , and less counting of yeast and actinomyces
  4. The results showed that 5406 actinomyces can improve the wheat seedling ' s height , root system and stalk leaf weight , can increase content of chlorophyll and root system activity in sterilized sand culture
  5. The results indicated that , the total quanlity of major soil microbes declined , of which the minesoils was decreased by 68 . 43 % ~ 80 . 32 % in the top soil ( 0 - 20cm ) compared with that of the non - minesoils . the proportion of bacteria and actinomyces in the amount microbes decreased , while that of fungi not obviously changed
    结果表明:海洲香薷是铜矿区典型的耐铜性植物( elsholtziaharchowensis ) ,植物体中的重金属元素含量表现为cu zn pb cd , cu与土壤元素的相关性最为显著,其次为zn 。

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