act in collusion meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "act in collusion" in a sentence
  • 相互勾结
  • act:    n. 1.行为;举动;动作。 2.决 ...
  • collusion:    n. 共谋;互相勾结。 the pa ...
  • in collusion with:    与相勾结
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  1. They acted in collusion to control the market
  2. One of the employees acted in collusion with the bank robbers
  3. He acted in collusion with the other witnesses
  4. Exampleublicly the two giant companies appeared to compete , but in fact they acted in collusion to set prices and destroy smaller competitors
  5. The unit believed that the fraudulent certificates were being obtained by an immigration consultant acting in collusion with a staff member of a local college

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