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  • (纸张的)横丝绺 横丝流 逆纹
  • 大中华印刷网 (纸张的)横丝绺、横丝流、逆纹
  • 横纹
  • 与木纹垂直
  • across:    adv. 1.横切,横断,越过,横过 ...
  • grain:    n. 1.谷物,粮食〔英国叫 cor ...
  • across grain:    横纹理; 横行纤维


  1. When cool enough to handle , cut breast meat ( with skin ) from bone , and slice thinly across the grain ; pull bones from legs , and shred meat and skin
  2. It is observed that considerable liquation microcracks and some other microffissures called solid - state microcrack initiate in the regions nearby the fusion line and propagate across the grain boundary

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