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  • 声光的
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  1. Experimental investigation of acoustooptic effect
  2. It is quite important that the stability of signal ’ s amplitude which is modulated by the acoustooptic modulator
  3. The detecting accuracy of the beam drift would be improved , as a high performance acoustooptic modulator modulates the frequency of the laser beam drift signal far away from the power frequency , the double power frequency and high frequency noises
    具体包括: 1 .利用声光调制器将光束漂移量信号调制到远离工频及其倍频干扰和高频噪声的频带段,以期提高光束漂移量的检测精度。
  4. A collinear acoustooptic - deflector of pronton - exchanged linbo3 channel wave - guide is studied . the theoretical analysis , structure design and device fabrication of linbo3 pronton - exchanged acoustooptic wave - guided deflector have been finished in this thesis . the width of wave - guide , the width , spacing , effective aperture and width of electrode of interdigital transduces have been theoretically analyzed and designed
  5. Based the research on the laser beam drift feedback control technique , analysing the beam drift and its frequency components , a laser beam directional stability method is studied in the thesis in detail , with its measurement and control circuit system that combines the laser beam intensity modulation and the beam drift feedback control technique . in this method , at first the laser beam intensity is modulated with the acoustooptic modulator , then the lock - in amplifier is applied to detect and demodulate the modulating signal , at last a feedback control signal is generated by the dsp control circuit at last , including : 1

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