acetic ether meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "acetic ether" in a sentence
  • 醋酸乙脂
  • 醋酸乙酯,乙酸乙酯,醋酸醚
  • 乙酸乙酯
  • acetic:    adj. 醋的;酸的。
  • ether:    n. 1.【物理学】以太,能媒。 2 ...
  • acetic aced:    醋酸(乙酸)
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  1. Synthesis of acetic ether by supported - type solid acid
  2. Study on preparation of solid superacid so42 - zno - fe2o3 used as catalyst to synthesize acetic ether
  3. Workplace air . determination of acetic ether . passive sampling gas chromatographic method
  4. Objective : to found a method to detect the residual solvents of penicillin sodium for injection : butanol , acetic ether and butyl acetate

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