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  • 测量精度
  • 计量准确度
  • accuracy:    n. 正确,准确(度);精确。 fi ...
  • measuring:    n.,adj. 测量(的),测量用( ...
  • measuring accuracy:    测量精度; 测量准确度; 计量精度
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  1. Enhancement of ecg measurement management to ensure the accuracy of measured values
  2. In order to improve the accuracy of measuring acm and lower the cost , the inspection instrument of acm is designed
  3. Many experiments done by the students have showed that such method can increase extremely the accuracy of measuring the inner resistances of microdetector
  4. Compared with traditional methods , it has many advantages , such as , flexible application of software , high accuracy of measuring , simple circuit of hardware
  5. The methods of the rationality test of measuring - data in the brine were introduced in order to guaranty the credibility and accuracy of measuring - data in laboratory

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