access to meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "access to" in a sentence
  • 接近,进入(某地的)方法
  • 接近;通向…的入口
  • 进入,接近
  • 能接近、进入、了解或使用
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  • access:    n. 1.接近;会面。 2.捷径,门 ...
  • access(to):    (不可数名词)能接近,进入,了解
  • this access:    访问
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  1. Access to the president was restricted .
  2. Japan had easy access to our market .
  3. I have read-only access to my bank files .
  4. Free access to secret information should be avoided .
  5. You could call in the twelve guys who had access to the report .

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