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  • 可接受值域
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  1. Set accessors to enable the control to check for values outside of an acceptable range
  2. For example , dbcc checkdb detects columns with date and time values that are larger than or less than the acceptable range for the
  3. Method to verify that the value really is an integer and use range checking to help ensure that the value is within an acceptable range
  4. For me and for a dozen of my associates this week , that “ acceptable range ” was 120 square feet
    在本周,这所谓“可接受的范围之内”的大小,对于我以及我们十多位同伴来说,就只有120平方英尺- - - -我住的那间号房的面积。
  5. The goal of the management of credit risk is to obtain the supreme risk adjustment incomes by controlling the credit risk in an acceptable range

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